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i read at least 50 books a year or i feel like a failure. so there's that. and i like writing. like, a lot. also, hugs.

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A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens
The Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm
Death Match
Lincoln Child
Scott Sigler
Just My Type: A Book About Fonts
Simon Garfield, Gildart Jackson
The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life)
Chris Hardwick
Wannabe a Writer?
Jane Wenham-Jones
Ruby Red
Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell, Marisa Calin
Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality
Christopher Ryan, Cacilda Jethá

Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3)

Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3) - Mira Grant Sean is still crazy and talking to himself and resolved to staying that way and living a peaceful life with his imaginary Georgia... after he avenges her death of course. It's not a spoiler to say Georgia's back. It would be a spoiler to say how she's back. But just know that when you do find out how, that won't even be the disturbing part. That's yet to come. This whole series is fun. They come up against impossible odds, and they shoot down zombies. Plus- my favorite- strong female characters. What more could you ask for in a story?